Aliexpress Shipping tracking

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Postal Ninja easily tracks Aliexpress packages and orders. Enter your tracking number and get current status of the shipment instantly.

Postal Ninja offers the most precise shipment tracking for many postal services and carriers.

What are AliExpress shipping methods?

You can ship products on AliExpress with international carriers or AliExpress's shipping services.

Here are the delivery methods to choose from:

Some methods are trackable, and some are not. Some guarantee fast delivery, and others do not. Price is also something you may consider while choosing the right option for you. In the end, many factors come into play.

What does "Packed for picking-up" mean?

“Packed for picking-up” is not a shipping status in the usual sense. It precedes shipment and merely indicates that the seller is about to send the package/hand it over to the carrier.

Packed for picking-up = Waiting for the seller shipping

Our site shows all statuses, including these two. We do that so you can track your package shortly after making a purchase on AliExpress. "Packed for picking-up" and "Waiting for the seller shipping" get replaced with other shipping statuses once the seller sends your order.

Contact the seller if tracking does not update for 7-10 days. In the worst-case, i.e., there is still no tracking information on your packet, open a dispute even before Purchase Protection runs out.

  • use shared Postal.Ninja/ account or sign in with Facebook, Google, etc.
  • Add tracking number to private list
    packages list shared with, available from any device
  • That’s all!
    private package list with descriptions and automatic update, packages archive, purchase protection deadline monitoring