About Us

We have always bought things from abroad. Plus, we also happen to code. "Why don't we combine both?" we asked ourselves at some point. "Moreover, all buyers are curious about the location of their mail..." Hence the idea of the Postal Ninja. And our whole tracking system. Perhaps you can even tell from our name that we go undercover, in a ninja-like style. Which is true. But no worries — we track and trace for the greater good and strive to keep our product up-to-date and easy-to-use.

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We cannot help you with the issues regarding lost mail. Please contact the sender if your package goes missing.
  • use shared Postal.Ninja/gSconto.com account or sign in with Facebook, Google, etc.
  • Add tracking number to private list
    packages list shared with gSconto.com, available from any device
  • That’s all!
    private package list with descriptions and automatic update, packages archive, purchase protection deadline monitoring