SpeedPAK Tracking

Track your Standard and Economy SpeedPAK shipment from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan

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eBay has looked for ways to ensure fast delivery from China to its buyers worldwide, so it came up with SpeedPAK — postal service that takes just 8-20 days.

What is SpeedPAK shipping?

SpeedPAK is a service set up by e-commerce giant eBay and logistics company Orange Connex Ltd.

The delivery method is a recent upgrade to eBay’s other shipping initiatives. As of today, the country coverage includes the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, multiple EU countries and other areas.

Delivery cost is 5-11 USD (for Standard SpeedPAK) and 6-22 USD (for Economy SpeedPAK), and sometimes can be even incorporated in the price of the item.

How to track SpeedPAK delivery?

You can easily trace your SpeedPAK on our tracking page. To do that, enter your shipping id in the search bar above and hit "Track a package."

Standard SpeedPAK is trackable all the way, while Economy SpeedPAK is not. You cannot monitor the location of the latter once it leaves China. "Arrived in the destination country" is likely to be the last status in the tracking information. Expect your package a few days after that.

What is the SpeedPAK tracking number?

Tracking id is almost identical for Economy and Standard types of SpeedPAK. It comprises of two letters (EE or ES), and 26 characters.

Economy SpeedPAK:
Standard SpeedPAK:

How long does SpeedPAK take to deliver?

Standard SpeedPAK8-12 business days
Economy SpeedPAK10-15 business days
UK Lite*10-15 business days
US Lite*14-20 business days

* these are additional services specifically for delivery of small packets of under 1 kg; the shipping options are applied to packages sent to the UK and the US respectively

Economy SpeedPAK vs. Standard SpeedPAK

Economy SpeedPAK Standard SpeedPAK
gets delivered in 10-15 days gets delivered in 8-12 days
delivery to 49 countries delivery to 22 countries
weight limit: ⩽ 2 kg weight limit: ⩽ 20-30 kg
no tracking information in the destination country end-to-end tracking
tracking number format: EE + 26 characters tracking number format: ES + 26 characters
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