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A vast number of e-commerce solutions providers have entered the global market over the last few years. 4PX Express, which was founded in 2004, was among the first to offer optimal logistics solutions in the field.

What is 4PX Express?

4PX Express, or 4PX, is a multinational e-commerce solutions provider headquartered in China. To ensure timely package delivery at an affordable price, it cooperates with the leading postal and courier services such as Singapore Post, Hong Kong Post, China Post, FedEx, and TNT. 4PX is also a Preferred Partner of eBay and AliExpress e-commerce platforms.

The company owns a network of seven warehouses worldwide — three of them are situated in Mainland China (Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Shanghai), and the other four are located in UK, US, Australia, and Germany.

How long does 4PX shipping take?

Here is how long it takes on average:

Destination Number of days
US 15 working days
UK 8 working days
Canada 11 working days

How to track 4PX Express shipments?

There are two ways how you can track a 4PX package: 1) by going to the 4PX official website http://en.4px.com/ or 2) by browsing various tracking pages, e.g., Postal Ninja.

On our site, you can get precise tracking information in no time. Just enter your shipping id on top of the page and hit "Track a package." It is as simple as that.

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