China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus Tracking

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China's national postal service offers shipping options that come with end-to-end tracking for the most part, but there is still one exception — China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus.

What is China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus?

It is a delivery method designed for the shipping of small packets of under 2 kg and low-value items with a price under $5. Unlike ePacket, China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus is trackable only while it is in transit through China. It gets unregistered once it crosses the border of the destination country. Hence its other name — China Post Unregistered.

Volume restrictions:

  • maximum length, width, height ⩽ 90 cm, and the longest side ⩽ 60 cm
  • minimum length of one side ⩾ 14 cm, and width ⩾ 9cm

Prohibited items:

  • portable electronic devices — cellphones, tablets, and batteries of any kind
  • cosmetics
  • toy guns and bullets

How to track China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus?

You can track and trace your China Post Small Packet Plus either on the official China Post tracking page or on Postal Ninja.

Since it is trackable only while it is on the territory of China, there are two statuses you should note: "Accepted at the post office" (marks the beginning) and "Left for the destination country" (marks the ending of tracking). 1-7 days usually pass between the two.

"Logistics order has been created" may be another first status. It indicates that the seller on AliExpress, Wish or Joom reserved a tracking number on China Post site instead of assigning it on his own.

What is the tracking number format for China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus?

According to the UPU S10 standard, postal items must have 13-character identifiers. They, in turn, must consist of a two letter service indicator code, a nine-digit serial number, and a country code.

In the case of China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus, the format is the following: URxxxxxxxxxCN, UTxxxxxxxxxCN, UPxxxxxxxxxCN, UDxxxxxxxxxCN or UYxxxxxxxxxCN (the letter U stands for Unregistered).

How long does China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus take?

The estimated delivery time is 16-35 days; in the peak period, it gets delivered within 60 days (35-60 days).

Is China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus reliable?

Statistically, most China Post Small Packets reach the addressee. However, keep in mind that the risk of package loss is still rather high as it is not fully trackable. Consider this shipping option a) if you are ordering cheap items or b) if you are reluctant to pay for delivery.

Pros Cons
shipment to 205 countries worldwide only halfway trackable
cheap option, even free at times high risk of loss
postman can drop the packet in the mailbox; no need to go to the post office hard to win a dispute and get a refund
takes longer than China Post Registered Air Mail and China Post ePacket
  • use shared Postal.Ninja/ account or sign in with Facebook, Google, etc.
  • Add tracking number to private list
    packages list shared with, available from any device
  • That’s all!
    private package list with descriptions and automatic update, packages archive, purchase protection deadline monitoring