China Post EMS and e-EMS tracking

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Every buyer on AliExpress goes through the same process — selects a product, clicks the pay button, goes to the checkout, and sees a long list of shipping options. Anyone may get confused at the last stage since the names of some delivery methods are quite the same. What is the difference between, say, EMS, e-EMS, and ePacket? Are they trackable or not? What are the pros and cons of each? Here is a chart to illustrate the difference between the three.

China EMS vs e-EMS vs ePacket

EMS e-EMS ePacket
Delivery to over 200 countries 50 countries 39 countries
Delivery time 3-7 days (+2 days for remote areas) 2-15 days within 30 days
Price high; package under 500 g is charged as a document; extra fee for every 500 g; rate depends on the destination country charge for every 50 g; rate depends on the destination country low; delivery cost is incorporated in the price of the item
Weight & volume restrictions differ by the destination country; five types of maximum limits (20 kg, 25 kg, 30 kg, 31 kg, 31.5 kg, and 40 kg) weight: 20-50 kg; minimum dimensions: length no less than 21.5 cm, width no less than 13 cm, cylinder packaging length no less than 30 cm, diameter no less than 6 cm maximum volume: length + width + height ≤ 90cm, single side length ≤ 60cm; minimum volume: at least, one side has a length ≥ 14cm and a width ≥ 11cm
Tracking number format Ex0123456789CN Ex0123456789CN Lx0123456789CN

As one can see, there are many similarities between EMS and e-EMS. Both delivery methods are:

  • suited for bulky items up to 40-50 kg
  • available in many countries
  • fast
  • expensive

Speaking of the delivery price, EMS is more costly than e-EMS. Based on EMS rules, packets under 500 g are 'documents' (i.e., valuable documents) and must be charged accordingly. On top of that, you have to pay for every extra 500 g. With such rates, the delivery cost may result in a whopping sum.

ePacket is, in turn, the perfect option for lightweight packages (under 2 kg). Reasonable price and fast delivery are its definite advantages.

The above ways of delivery are trackable, which means you can easily track ePacket, EMS, and e-EMS packages on our site.

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