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Postal Ninja easily tracks WINIT packages. Enter your tracking number and get current status of the shipment instantly.

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What is WINIT?

WINIT is a relatively new Chinese corporation. It was founded in 2012 in Shanghai, China, and has engaged in global shipping and logistics since that time. The company provides solutions for cross-border e-commerce and has several warehouses located in China, the United States, Britain, Germany, and Australia.

Starting from November 2014, WINIT has cooperated with an e-commerce giant eBay in order to help Chinese online sellers compete in the world market.

How to track WINIT packages?

WINIT packages have a tracking code of the following kind: ID12345678901234CN or ID12345678901234TW. With such a shipping id, you can easily monitor the location of your order while it is within China. Go to the official WINIT page or search for your postal item right on our site.

Please note that tracking information often becomes unavailable once your WINIT packet is in the destination country. This is so because a local postal/courier service may assign a new code that is not always trackable.

How long does WINIT shipping take?

It is hard to estimate delivery time for this shipping option since it is trackable only halfway. For all we know, WINIT forwards packages abroad in a prompt manner. In the destination country, however, a last-mile carrier may deliver a packet in a week or two months.

Unregistered mail (and WINIT can be considered unregistered as it is rarely provided with end-to-end tracking) generally reaches the addressee in more than a month.

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